Tax value

Hi all,

When looking over potential properties, is the tax value any use at all for narrowing down prospects?

For example, if the listing price is 50K, but the tax value is 80K, is this a property I might want to investigate further. Note: This is not a real deal, I’m just throwing out some numbers.


Howdy Bill:

Each county tax value is different as to how close they are to the retail value. Once you get used to the value in your area you will have a feel for how close the tax values are to the sale price that you can get. Do not count on it at all when doing the final analysis but it is a good quick reference. Use sold comps to compare your deals. The asking price of other properties is probably even closer than the tax value but will be a little higher than sold comps. Get about 5 and throw out the high and low and see how you fit compared to other sales, better condition, size, location, etc