Tax time deductions for investors

I am of course scrambling to do my taxes last minute.

What deductions should I be sure to make, or may be ones I forget?

  1. Rental Prop. Insurance
  2. Accountant Pa13. yment
  3. Maint. Expenses for rental
  4. Advertisement
  5. Mort. Interest
  6. Realtor expenses - listings
  7. Gifts given to Tenants during holidays
  8. Home Service Plan
  9. HOA fees
  10. City permits - if any - Alarm, dogs, work peformed
  11. rental prop. software expenses
  12. Possible home office to manage
  13. Cell phone used in rental - possible
  14. meals purchased for deal meetings
  15. many other…

DFW_REI- that’s a good list u put together…
phatman5- I always refer back to IRS Publication 527 (Residential Rental Property), its kind of a tedious read, but has TONS of good stuff, I just like to go straight to the source for my info.

  1. Depreciation - Even if you don’t take it the IRS will tax you for depreciation recapture when you sell.
  2. Mileage - I write off a couple thousand $$ in mileage every year but you must keep records. I keep a “Weekly Minder” in the car to jot down trip mileage a the reason.
  3. Legal expenses
  4. Internet - if exclusively for business use
  5. Inspection reports
  6. Post office box, stamps, other delivery costs (FedEx)
  7. Educational expenses - seminars, workshops
  8. Real Estate Club dues
  9. Bank fees
  10. Credit card interest
  11. Office supplies and equipment
    27 Small tool purchases (not capitol expenditures)
  12. Real estate taxes on rental properties
  13. Utilities (water, sewer, electric, gas) on rental properties
  14. Tool rental