Tax Season - gotta love it

I have always used Turbo Tax to do our taxes. I have found that it has been helpful in the past as far as walking me through such deductions as home office, etc. However, I did my first deal last year where I purchased a fixer in 2001 and sold it in 2002. As I started doing taxes this year, I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. I did my best guesses but I figure that the IRS won’t take ignorance as an excuse for messing it up! I don’t really need a CPA to do my taxes - I kind of like doing them (as sick as that sounds!) but I need some guidance as to the correct way to claim and calculate everything. Is there anyone out there that knows how to handle this or know of someone that does?


speak to…

He has a course on quickbooks…

And a damn good one I might add…

I believe his email is

David Alexander

John’s email is actually…

And I second David’s recommendation for both the course and John’s knowledge.

I’m not going to even post my guesstimates as to the proper way to handle the transaction as I’m sure it will be off… :anon

you can also take a free tax course at H&R block and get free advice from a pro on your situation


I am confused. How is this a deal you did last year? A property you sold in 2002 should have been reported on your 2002 tax return.

The best way to handle this one is to have a professional tax preparer or CPA work with you.

I’ve seen the work of H&R Block…

most every new client I work with I save enough tax the first year to pay for myself for two years.