Tax Sales

Does anyone here have any good links to the variuos state/local goverment sites where you can buy tax certificates on line? Also, what are the best states/jurisdictions to invest in. The shortest right of redemption period I have found is in Delaware where it is 60 to 90 days only with an 18 to 20 percent return if the property is redeemed. Anybody have any information they care to share?

Great question…I have questions regarding that too!
Can anyone explain how the purchase of tax lien certificates actually works? I live in Texas and I know the return is 25% every six months and there is a 2 year redemption period. How does this work? Who pays the yield and how? I had purchased the Robert Allen books on this topic, but it didn’t really teach me anything. Or did I miss something? Ad Valorem forclosures happen on the courthouse steps auctioned to the highest bidder. Someone please come forward with some plain english details of how one can purchase a taxlien certificate (Texas) and gain the yield?

Not sure if this will help you:

Thanks,…sorry I did’nt find that myself