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hi, i’m new to this whole tax lien/deed sale…i keep running into a wall…i can’t find any counties who have the tax lien sales and the one that i did find, when i downloaded it , it had just a bunch of #'s…am i looking in the wrong place? any suggestions?

                                                           rhee ???

Every county has them the only problem is that they have become so popular over the past 4 years they are harder to get into call any county clerk and recorder they will direct you to the correct office!

ty for the info!!! deeds or tax lien cert, is one easier that the other?..which do u perfer?..have u ever done bought props this way?


To be honest I have bought a ton of tax liens and have never ended up with a house I did it for the intrest. Our county pays 12% I can’t get that anywhere else! I think your chances of winning the lottery are better then getting a house thru a tax lien!

Strictly for the interest. If you had a lead on the property…ex owners are in a financial bind, death, or on drugs and could care less if the property forecloses. If you have a lil lead it helps in snatching propertys. But what is the chances of you knowing?

Tax Liens are great if you have cash. Cash is king, plus in some areas you can have rates upto 18% and the lien is secured with the real estate. I would do some basic reseach first though, you don’t want to end up with a lien on a land-locked swamp. You also don’t want property that might have environment issues, such as meth labs, chemical dumps, industrial sites.

Great advice, Dan732!

Don’t invest in a tax lein unless you would buy the real estate for the same money you are investing. The property owner just might not ever redeem.

Always remember that there is a reason they were not paying the property taxes.
It might be a good reason.

Caveat Emptor.