Tax Sales (Texas)

Hi Everyone,
I am new to the forum. My question is How long do I have to wait after purchasing property at a tax sale before I can put it on the market. I am new at this and I would be grateful for any pointers anyone could give on the whole process thanks again.

I am new to it too, but I think that each state is different.
Wait untill experts come, they will help you more

In Texas believe it’s 6 months unless there’s a Homestead then it would be 2 years.That’s the amount of time the original owner has to reclaim the property, but has to pay you what you paid at the tax sale plus intrest.

That’s the way I understood it

6 months in my state to

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If you can located the owner after the sale you can get the deed and the waiting will be over. I have seen investors buy the property at the tax sale and then get paid off plus 25% interest and still lose a great deal on the purchase. You almost have to be a detective to find these folks but if they are alive they can be found. I am speaking of Texas.

Just a little addition to the thread

yep, that is how I feel, you got to be a detective
Tedjr, how do you find them? Do you use a website?