Tax sales questions?

Hello I am new to this forum.
In a few month I am going to participate in my first tax sales aution from my county and I need some help.

How can I get financing I have no saving or nothing to put as collaterral?

I want to buy a house and then sale it to make some profits to pay off debts I am not looking to get rich, I just need to take the debt monkey of my back.
is tax sales a good way to do that?

I have been researching and looking sites of “real estate and marketing gurus” and as someone in a posting (in this site)said “stop looking for “gurus” you can find anything you are looking for on the net and if you have a question asked this forum and they will answer”

If Tax Sales is not the way to go. what would you recomend?
(if your answer is work hard I am working hard, I work 14hrs shift)
“little money coming in and lots of money going out”
if you get my meaning.

well thank you for your time.


I don’t know what to tell you.
If you don’t have any time, or any money, it’s going to be difficult to find the extra funds, or the extra time needed to do research on this kind of a project.
No bank will loan you money for this type of speculative, investment venture, except maybe a financially comfortable relative.
Sorry, but Good Luck anyway.