tax sales, & properties that been abandon

  Im a newbie just starting out, Asking anyone to help to help me with websites for tax sales, but in n.y.c.?

And properties that been abandon.



i get spam from its john becks web site has worked wonders to give me dates of tax deed and lien auctions.
Also NACO is the abbreviation for national association of counties organization. Try that as well to get counties tax listers phone numbers. people like state auditor or county sheriff and tax lister and clerk of courts and stuff can tell u who administers tax sales in there governmental area whether its city county or state. NACO will point you out to a phone number from county that can lead to more info or numbers that enentually will get you a human being that can give you more info! Good luck
PS lotta areas do it differently so remember that. Also Larry Loftis has an excellent book on tax deed sales.

thank you dave 007 for the first step and information, I will start
and let you know what i find…

                                                          thanks again