Tax Sale


I recently have found a property that will be going up for tax sale at the end of July… I am 99.99% sure the current home owners will not be able to bring the tax’s up to date before then, and want to get a head start on this process before it goes to sale. Is there any way I can purchase or “secure” the tax certificate prior to the auction or do I have to wait until it is public? Thank you all for the input!


Howdy Ryan:

Are you in contact with the owners? Will they sell you the property and give you a deed? If you can get the deed then you can pay the taxes and stop the sale. I do not know any other way. Certificates are different that actual tax sales that I am familar with. Hopefully someone else can help with tax certificates if that is what you need help with.

If it’s the tax lien certificate you want, you have to wait for the sale. The only other thing that you can do is work out a deal with the owner, but if you do manage to get ownership of the property and it still goes to sale, you are not allowed to bid on the lien. In some states you can pay the lien upto 10 days after the sale and not pay any extra penalties.