TAX SALE questions

Hi all.
I’m new and this is my first time in this website.
I wanted to buy a few properties at tax sale, but before I do that, I needed to do a title search on the properties.
The title company charge $150 per property to do a search.
Is there anyway that you can do on your own?
Please tell me how I can do that.
If not then what do you normally do when you buy at tax sale.

Tax sales are usually for tax liens on a property, not for the actual property.

I’ve not heard of people doing title searches on properties before they buy the tax lien. The cost would be prohibitive and you wouldn’t want to do it yourself even if you learned how.

if you mean tax DEED sale and the county is selling the actual property , then liens come off and only municipal liens or irs liens remain.
county clerks office has these liens on file.