Tax Sale List .com

Anyone use them for researching tax liens or getting lists? Please share your expeience.


John Lane’s program for tax lists is very well updated & accurate. One way to tell is when you go through the states on his website individually, all 50 are completely accurate, unlike every other tax lien guru.

Large corporations and banks who invest in liens get the lists from him.

His 15 hour online workshop is educational, however it is on the boring side. He used to offer it for $1500, however lately I have seen him selling it for as little as $600, and you can take it as many times as you want. I feel it is a good value for $600.

If you don’t $600 - $1,000 for the education, I have some dvd’s and cd’s at home that I can send to you.

Micheal, that would be awesome! I am sending you a pm.