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We have built many houses and developed subdivisions, just never got involved with tax auctions before. We recently purchased the guides available on this site, just haven’t had enough time to receive them.

We have a couple quick key questions we’d like to find answers to asap, I have gone through the forums and haven’t found the answers yet.

What is the deadline for the current owner to pay their due taxes, can they
pay up to the day of the sale?

How do you pay for the property on the day of the auction?


So Far this is all I’ve found for a possible answer to the first one:

Q: May I defer my taxes if a taxing unit has filed a suit in district court for failure to pay taxes on my property?

A: Yes. You may “abate,” the delinquent axes if a taxing unit has filed a suit in district court for foreclosure purposes. If a judgment was rendered, you still may abate the taxes; however, you must do so five days prior to the tax sale.

I had a condo posted for tax sale a few years ago. I waited till the last Friday befor the sale. I did not get the money untill then. I cut it pretty close. That was here in Travis County. I have talked to a few of the tax collectors and the last thing they want to do is sell these properties. This too was some years ago when they could not sell may of the properties at the auction. It is my opinion that if you show up Tuesday morning at 10:00 and pay the taxes that the sale will be cancelled. I was at a sheriff’s sale once where the debtor filed BK that morning and stopped the sale within minutes. I was the one forcing the sale and was told to be there as the sale would occur and this was late Monday afternoon. I ave also met trustees at the courthouse steps on Tuesday AM to reinstate mortgages. I did get it all approved with the mortgage company the day before. Hope all this helps some.

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I talked to our local tax office in Llano county and the owner can pay their taxes up to the last minute the day of the auction. Also you can pay for properties with cash, personal check or money order.