Tax return

If I have an single-member LLC (disregarded) created in Colorado, with Foriegn registration of that LLC in Alabama, do I need to fill out any LLC Alabama tax return? The LLC has been non-active in terms of anything flowing in or out of it at this point, it’s just been an empty “shell” or entity that I never decided to use at this point. From a personal standpoint, I have received rental income from a property I own out there, but planned to show that on my Federal 1040 Schedule E. I assume I need to somehow show that on a Alabama State Tax Filing form as well… Thoughts?

Dissolve the LLC. What’s the point if you won’t use it? Besides, it was a Colorado single member LLC that provided the case that a SMLLC has no charging order protection.

As to the AL income, you’ll probably have to file a non-resident return.

i assume i would have to file a similar non resident form for my real estate in nevada and florida as well then… Thanks

I don’t think NV and FL have state income tax.

Thanks BLL - i guess that would simplify it. Thanks
My CPA will e happy when i present him with 95% of my total tax filings package completed…then he can weed out the mistakes. I just like to learn how it’s done beforehand to keep learning. Thanks!