tax liens

have any of you had success with them and how do you go about finding them? i know they’re not heavily advertised. thanks for any responses.

In my county, auctions are held annually by the treasurer’s office. I believe, in certain cases, it is possible
for some properties to be worth less than the tax bill - be
Your county office should be able to get you informed on
all this.
Best of luck.

thanks for the reply. i’ll contact the county office and see what they have to say.

All counties are different. Some are advacned enought to put ther list on the website. Other times you need to buy it from them. I buy in both Arizona and Florida, however i’m starting to learn about short sales. Each county has its own rules. Something else to think about, you also need to find out if they have a properyt appraiser site for your county and county recorder online as well. Or you’ll gonna be spending a lot of time at the courthouse offices. There are different guru’s out there: john beck, ted thomas etc. Google them and determine for yourself by reading from their website. If you need help, email me privately. I thnk its in my header someplace.