Tax Liens - Who Bought It?

I’m trying to find out who owns/bought tax liens. I don’t know any address’s or who’s on title… only the county in which it was purchased. Can anyone recommend where I can begin to search? Specifically related to Iowa would be great!! This has to be public knowledge so I would think it’s published somewhere.

Thanks in advance!!

If you don’t know the address, or who owns it, or who bought the liens, how are you going to know when you find the right one?

Start with your locality’s tax assessors office or ask a foreclosure attorney for your area. Your local REIA may have members who invest in this area.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. I’m not looking to purchase any tax liens. I’m trying to find out what tax lien was purchased. I know who bought the tax lien. I just don’t know what or who’s tax lien they bought i.e. address, who the lien is on, etc… The person isn’t willing to tell me what they own so trying to find out what they’ve invested in.

Maybe I need to state the question differently. How does a person that owes property taxes on their home find out who bought their lien from the government?.. other than being notified by the government.

Thanks again!!

your county auditor should have the information. For example. If I wanted to see what properties were owned by CMI Construction I would go to the Cuyahoga County Auditors website search page. Under the owners last name space I put ‘CMI Construction’ and click search. This pulls up a list of all the properties owned by this company.

For your search you would look under the last name of the person you are searching. Searches by peoples last names are not as clean as my CMI example. Take Tony Viola for instance. He is the Broker who owns Realty Corporation of America. If you put his last name in you get a list of results of various different people. Tony is in the results…can you spot him?

Unfortunately not every county in the country has a web system as wonderful as Cuyahoga does so results may vary.

Good Luck! :beer

Go down to the tax assessor’s office and ask them. They have a record.

If there is a redemption period for the taxes, the assessor should tell the owner who bought the lien.