tax liens investing from australia..and more

Hey people, What an excellant forum you have here, we have a similar forum in Australia called

Just to give you a bit of background about me, I have been investing in Aus for 6 years now, buy and hold positive cashflow real estate is the area I like, however I have experience in other areas like flipping, commercial, land, rates sales etc…I also run my own Mortgage Broker company

Here’s my plan and some questions for you knowledgeable people…

My buddy and I are coming to the US on a whirlwind trip we plan to fly into LA, go to Las Vegas, then Phoenix, then Dallas, thru to Illinios, and finish up in New York and Niagara Falls…to fly out of JFK…NYC

We are planning the trip for March and April.

We are going to do it all in 8 weeks in a van outfitted so we can live in it, the plan is to do a recon at this stage, but if we buy it will be a bonus…we also want to buy some tax liens as a worst case scenario deal, becuase if we cant buy a 4plex or three then at least we will have done something…
If I may now ask some Q’s

  1. For any of you in Tax liens, what are the best paying counties at the moment.
  2. where can i find such information on when the sales are on? and if the dates do not correspond can we buy them after the sale?..
  3. Would anyone be so kind as to offer me advice on who a good Attorney is to setup my LLC Series company.
  4. Would anyone like to catch up with some crazy Aussies on a whirlwind tour of your great Country?

I know I am cutting it fine, but hey the wife says i can do it some i am going to before she changes her mind…he he…

I will also be checking out the RE Clubs in those areas…but I thought I would ask you guys to see if you could help…

cheers Mitch

Howdy Downunder Mate Mitch:

Our county Travis and others for sure post the tax lien foreclosures on line at their website and also the ones that did not sale are posted there too. A google search should show what counties you may be interested in. These are deed sales in Texas.

You can set up LLC on line at the Sec of State of Texas web site for $200 filing fee. No attorney needed.

If you come thru Austin lets hook up. I am just forming a small club to help investors network. Kind of a long haul to attend the meetings but it may be helpful.

LOL on your trip and investments

Ted, thanks for the reply and the Information, yes I would love to catch up with you when we come thru…I know I am missing the sales in Arizona, but I hope to go to one in Texas…so we will defiantely be there…Cheers mate Mitch