tax liens in Ohio

Hi all;
I am new to tax liens/deeds. I have a good course on it that I have read and I want to network and read up some more to keep learning. I want to start investing using my self directed IRA if possible.
I am in Ohio: does anyone have experience and/or recommendations as to where to look (which counties)? I know you can do it online, but starting out I understand it is wise to see the properties yourself. As such, I can start in Columbus, Licking county, Akron/Canton area. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.


Hi Eric…I can definitely help you out if you have not already received assistance. Please let me know if you have any questions or need to be pointed in the right direction.

Good Luck!


Do you invest in tax liens in your own area or do you look in other areas as wel?


thanks for the response…I have chosen to purchase tax lien certificates in just my county in Brevard County, FL…We have approx. 25-30,000 tax certificates that are sold/auctioned off each year…I really have no need to venture anywhere else at this time because FL is currently the number 1 state for Tax Lien & Tax Deed sales in the US…

Now that will differ from state to state…what state are you currently in?.., as I am familiar with the proces in all states…I would be happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction…

Good Luck with your all your real estate ventures for 2010!


The real question here is what is the Interest rate that they are paying… If they are paying 13% or better I totally would agree with you. On the other hand I buy for the Interest.

Hi. What course did you purchase? Just curious My Husband and I are interested but need a course that is easy to folow with busy schedules.


I purchased Ted Thomas’ Making Serious Money with Predictable Government Secured Tax Lien Certificates & Deeds.

I was able to learn everything I needed to get started from this course…it had 20 hours of education on DVD and CD.