Tax liens - buying property from funds?

Anyone have experience with this:

I realize the money in tax liens is made on the %return paid to the investor.

However, from what I was told by a local investor, he met a group that purchases tax liens in his county. That group has a small pie of properties that they’re always looking to sell. This investor was able to buy a property from them for pennies on the dollar. Great deal, no hassles, just a straightforward purchase.

Tax sales in my state happen once a year in every county, mostly in December. I’d like to network with these hedge funds now to see if I can find any great properties. Does anyone have input on this?

Yes, I buy and have bought tax liens for years.

NO, I do not know of any hedge funds that buy. Banks. Lenders, investment gropups, etc. all buy.

Yes, you can buy property from me…I have about 45 lots remaining from the sale this year. Some good, some fair, some not so good or fair. They range in price from a couple of hundred to a few thousand.

In lots of years, I have gotten several houses and sold them all back to the delinquent tax payer. I do not take your house for the simple mistake of not paying your taxes. I sleep very well at night.

If you are seeking as you said “Great Properties”, tax liens are NOT the place to get them. You will get saleable properties but if you think you will get the million dollar house for $29.95 in tax liens you are pipe dreaming.

I’m not looking to buy any property for the amount owed on the taxes, I also like to sleep well at night :slight_smile:

But, the small percentage of homes that eventually do get foreclosed on need to be liquidated and that’s how the local investor I know bought his fixxer-upper which netted him $120k. It wasn’t a ‘great’ property, but a typical rehab that had to be sold.

I’m only able to buy in NJ. If you have anything out here, I’m interested. Thanks for the reply.

Inve$t, There is a significant difference in FORCLOSURE and TAX LIENS.

Be sure you know the difference.!!