I’m looking to invest in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds. Someone share a little more information on how to start and how the auction process goes. I have a little knowledge on some of it. DO NOT SEND ME SOME TUTORIALS AND CHARGING ME FOR IT. BECAUSE IM NOT BUYING ANYTHING.

P.S. Is tax lien great to get into, and how much money do you need to bid? an estimate please. I want to get into a tax lien group that goes to auctions and outbid others, i guess. I want to invest my money into something that will bring me great profit in the long run.

Tax deeds is the best way to go. Tax liens could be from $500 to many thousands depend on the home and state. If you out bid others you might buy something that you can not eat. The first step set back and pay attention how the pros do it.

Been doing this for lots of years…Like any other real estate investment you can get severely burned.

REGARDLESS of what you hear on TV …DO NOT invest to get property…It ain’t gonna happen. INVEST for the interest and penalties.

Tax Liens…give absolutely NO OWNERSHIP rights…you are loaning the taxing jurisdictin the $$$ to operate with and will be repaid by, in most states, a very good interest return.

98 to 99 percent of them will be redeemed…the other 1 to 2 percent will not be worth redeeming.

Tax Deed States…You get a tax deed and own the property SUBJECT to the owner’s rights of redemption.

Tax Liens will wipe most liens from title…BUT…that does not clear title…This requres DUE PROCESS…google Jones vs Flowers SCOTUS and you will find out what I mean.

IRS will have automatic right of redemption…regardless of their position.

Thanks for the info Bill, I was about to waste $800.00 on a course for tax liens and deeds that promotes you can get the house with either one of those instruments, how ever I was wary because I know I live in a tax lien state. Interest is nice but two year wait in New Jersey, would rather get the deed. Makes sense. :biggrin

Why would you want to invest in Tax Liens?

“Why would you want to invest in Tax Liens?”

Personally I like the 18 percent interest on my investments and the short work period each year.

Tax Deeds …also have redemption periods…I suggest you google “Jones vs Flowers” and read it…Tax lien case that matured and tax deed was given…seven years later SCOTUS said “NO”…due process was not served.

ALWAYS…Investigate…before…YOU INVEST.

Good Luck,

Bill H