tax lien training materials

I am interested in investing in tax lien certificates. I recently attended a seminar put on by the Association for Optimum Achievement (Wayne Gray was the speaker) and did some digging on the web and want to find some good material.

AOA is offering a package for $2K and I am seeing other packages for $19.95 ( Now that’s a huge difference in price

Has anyone out there had any experience with AOA and would you say the steep price is worth it? The logical question is can I get for $19.95 what I would get for $2K. Even with the hand holding AOA offers I still think the $2K is pretty expensive.

Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.


Use caution with the Association for Optimum Achievment. I have seen thier materials and to be honest for 2K its junk. I have almost as much information on my website (for free) as they have in the $2K package. I know because I have see the material.

First, you should join a real estate club and learn about this through others who have done it. It is a great thing to network on these boards as well. If you decide to purchase a course then look for customer reviews and testimonials.

Products that cost $29 are usally filled with alot of generalities. You need specifics to get you from point A to point B.


Thanks for your reply. I’m glad I decided against getting the materials. I felt it was way overpriced. I called and spoke to them and they could not convince me the premium they charged was worth it.

Thanks for the advice, too. Unfortunately, the only investment club in the Sacramento area does not seem to be acitve. I’ve not called recently, but their website has not been updated since April.

Happy investing!