Tax lien questions from a newcomer

I have recently become interested in real estate investing and have been researching different techniques on this site and other real estate investing sites. I am wondering if tax lien investing would be a good place to start.

I have read that the interest rate for tax lien purchases in texas is between 25% and 50%. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain financing from a bank to purchase tax liens with? If I could earn 25% to 50 % on money that I borrowed at 10%, I would be a very happy man. I would also like some information on what percentage of tax lien purchases result in foreclosure. Lastly, I would like to hear some opinions on Darius Baranzadeh. I have read all of his articles on this site and am considering purchasing his products.

If you have any knowledge of or experience in tax lien investing, I would love to hear your comments on these questions, as well as any other points that you think are important. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out a newcomer.

Ted Thomas has courses on Tax Lien Sales. Just google his name and have some fun reading. An associate and myself bought his book a few years ago and have gone to some sales, but haven’t actually bought anything yet.

In Indiana the tax payer has 6 months to redeem and if that happens you earn 10% interest, 6-12 months 15%, and after 12 months if they dont redeem you are the proud owner.

One of the sales we went to there was this guy in the back row that bid on everything as long as somebody else opened up the bidding, but he never opened things up. Then after the sale he went and purchased almost everything that was left.

Hope this helped a bit… good luck to you. :beer: