Tax Lien Question

I am 18 years old from Indiana. I have saved 10,000$$ and im interested in making money…(obviously…lol). I hear from a few buddys of mine that Tax Liens are great, while I also hear from others that its not worth your time. My question(s) is…

1)Can a person make a living on just investing in Tax Liens?

  1. Would I be best off straight up investing in Tax Liens with my money, or houses.

(P.S, I am living with my parents for atleast another 2 years, so I have no house payment or anything like that. All the money I make can go straight to investing)


Yes you can make a living doing prtty much anything if you are good at it.

The problem with tax liens is that there are a lot of professionals out there that will steal any tax lien deals you find. Only having a limited amount of money will not allow you to outbid the competition.

Just my two cents.

Good Luck!

A lot depends on the rules of your state. I’m not sure what Indiana’s rules are. Some states are VERY investor friendly.