Tax Lien Properties

How do you find tax lien properties to buy? Can you negotiate the tax down ?



 Every single town, city or county has a property tax! Every one of these entities can either create a tax lien (Certificate) or sieze the property for back taxes and sell at a tax auction (Real Property)!

The minimum price for any sale is what is owed on the tax, now if the certificate or real property does not sell for some reason the county commissioners, or city council can vote to reduce a group (List) of properties for some percentage of what’s owed after the initial sale!

Start checking with your county, city or town tax assessors office for there sale date? Also determine the type of sale as I like to buy the actual real property and own it when I leave the sale, but other investors like the fixed cash returns of a certificate without the troubles of ownership!


you find tax lien properties to buy by calling the local county and asking where you can get the list. They may have a list for you, or the list will be printed in the area newspapers, or listed online several weeks before the sale.

you can’t negotiate the tax down, it doesn’t work like that. To keep this simple, the county is owed money by delinquent prop. owners. they need this money to keep up the roads, schools, fire, police, etc. - they are selling you the delinquent debt, and give you the first priority lien on the prop to ensure that you will not lose the investment. you make your ROI in the interest that the county guarantees you through the state law prop. tax codes. Or, in some rare instances you may end up owning the prop. free and clear of mortgages (except for N Mexico.)

How much can i get homes for using this method? I mainly want to target southern california areas…

Don’t plan on ever getting a home using this method. Just plan on making the interest! I would guess that 90% of the houses will have a Mortgage and they will pay off the taxes before you ever have the chance to get the house. The other 10% I would say will pay it off. I have been buying them for 10+ years and never once came even close to getting a house out of it. If you are seeking to get into tax leins to gain property not gonna happen. I would say the odds are better at winning the powerball

S California does not sell tax liens, they only sell the deed to the property.

Properties are advertised several weeks before the sale, and in almost all counties in Cali you have to register before the sale and put some money down.

You can get a good deal on a prop. however the tax sales in S. cali have the most competition in the country. You may have to go to several sales before you find a good deal you want to act on.