Tax Lien Letter

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Does anyone have a sample tax lien letter that I can send to homeowners and try to contact them before their properties go to a tax lien auction? I do plan on contacting owners via phone as well, but I want to double my efforts by sending a letter too. I just don’t know how to word it, as I am new at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

?? what do you want to do? buy the tax lien before the county sells them to the public ? or hard loan ?

The idea is to reach out to those homeowners with tax liens on their properties and see if they’re interested in selling their house before the county sells it to the public.

From what I understand in some states when you purchase the lein, it’s just the certificate, I was told in NYC, when you purchase the lien, it’s the property. I’m still doing my due diligence.
some info…

in new york i believe (been a while since I bought in NY) when you buy a tax lien (I believe New York County is the only county in NY aloowed to sell tax lien, the rest tax deed) the deed goes to the investor, with owner right to redeem within 2 years. so dont assume property is yours right a way.
in the meantime, if the owner of the tax lien redeem, they pay the interest of 10% yr. I think there’s also a penalty of 4% after 2nd yr.
if after two yrs the owner dont redeem, I believe that’s when you can start the process of foreclosures (99.8% of the time the mortgage/lender will pay the tax lien % and they will foreclosed)

As you might know or not know Tax Lien will wipe out the mortgage
should you foreclosed, and banks have a lot of interest in those properties so they will pay the tax and penalty and they will foreclosed. the tax lien
represents about 1 to 3% of the value of the home

Hey, thanks a lot for the link. I will do some additional Homework on this.