Tax Lien Investing

What are your thoughts on tax lien investing?

Love It! Been doing it for lots of years.

I love it too. But it is not as easy or great as the late night TV gurus make it out to be. Most tax sales are auctions which means there is competition. A couple of years ago the auctions got so competitive that they were bidding prices that made no economic sense.

Check out my website below it has several posts about tax sales and my experiences.

To comment about the above statement. I’ve bought tax liens in the past and it’s really easy and safe when you know how the strategies work. Of course the “Late Night Gurus” make it seem easy or the wouldn’t be very good at their job. Tax Liens like any other investment have their pitfalls. However with any strategy pitfalls they’re easily avoided when you research the properties in depth. I’ve personaly tried a couple different strategies and web site this one is by far the best one I’ve found.
Thanks for letting me rant


Have been doing this for a number of years. Went over to the “No Risk” board. I shy away from anyone or anything in real estate after over 40 years of doing it if they say “No Risk.”

Have never seen an investment that did not carry risk.

Just my opinion and my experiences.

Good Luck,
Bill H