Tax Lien Investing using IRA & Grants

Several months ago, I attended a presentation by Saen Higgins at the Learning Annex in New York City.

Mr. Higgins was hawking his “information package” to the tune of $3000. - I didn’t have that kind of spare change.

He did however, talk about two issues that interested me:

  1. He said there were certain financial institutions that would domicile your IRA designated seed money and would allow you to invest it in tax liens. (I’ve also heard Carlton Sheets talk about using an IRA to invest in Real Estate.) Using your IRA as the entity which holds the asset would allow you to grow your money tax deferred to age 65 or whatever the law may be when we turn that ripe old age.

Is anyone doing this? What financial institution do you use?

  1. He also spoke of a government grant which you can get to fund your investments. - This sounded like it might be a little “out there”. Is anyone familiar with this? Or, was he just going overboard on his sales pitch?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Have been using my IRA since 1996 to fund real estate. I use Equity Trust, They also have lots of info availible at the website.

Hey RHM,

 what is the http:// for the website?


Here is the info. Sorry, I was away from my home desk earlier. Likewise, I apologize for not being able to work the BB Codes to make the hyperlink - surely, it must be my computer.

Equity Trust Company
225 Burns Road
PO Box 1529
Elyria, Ohio 44036
FAX 440.323.4529

(looks like maybe I got it)

OK, thanks for the resource on IRA’s.

Nobody has heard of a grant to fund your tax lien investing? Say, ask for the seed money with the intention of ultimately housing a protected class of tenant?

Never heard of an individual getting a grant. Usually these go to NGOs in the form of community development block grants or some similar moniker.

Sorry, I’m not up on the acronyms - What is an NGO?

Also, found some other institutions that were recommended to domicile an IRA invested in Real Estate through a MSN money article entitled: Yes, You Can Buy Real Estate With Your IRA

Sorry, this is even a better article - it actually lists the names of the companies (links off to the left margin)

Article is entitled: Ground your retirement fund with real estate

Yes, self directed IRA’s are an excellent tool. Most people don’t realize that an IRA can invest in almost anything (not collectibles, coins, or your personal residence, for example) including ownership interests in LLC’s and Corps. The difficulty is, as you know, in finding an administrator that will accept the responsibility and risks involved. Certainly won’t find that at Fidelity!

NGO = non governmental organization. Local nonprofits get CDBGs frequently, United Way, Red Cross, etc.

did you know IRA only insured up to 100K FDIC and creditors can still go after the IRA ? it’s not bulletproof. It’s better to spread the $ in Limited partnership and self directed ira