tax lien homes possible??

I am a newbie on tax lien certificates. Can anybody help me how to find TLC that is residential property? I’ve been searching in 6-7 counties here in AZ but I couldn’t even find any single residential property. Thanks… :-[

I’ve bought certificates from Maricopa county. A number of the larger counties actually sell the list, Maricopa sells it for about 50 dollars i think. If you need more info, go here to the maricopa treasurer site:
Some of the other counties have it online. Been focusing on pre-foreclosure these days. What you get from maricopa county is a list you dump into an access database. From there you can sort out the properties you are interested in. What you see now is data from 2003
Tax Year Parcel Number CP Number Current Full Cash Value (FCV) CP Total Amount Tax Amount CP Purchase Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Name Address 1 City Zip Code
2003 20082733A 03008923 18000 302.74 239.3 2/22/2005 DEL E WEBB DEVELOPMENT CO L P 14780 W MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD SURPRISE 853744740
if you have any more questions, you can email me directly