Tax Lien Foreclosure

I have a property that is being foreclosed on for back taxes.
The current lien holder has started the process and is willing to sell the assumption of the liens.

So I have 2 questions.
What would I need to do to claim this house as my primary residence?

It currently has a mortgage on it.
What would happen to the mortgage?

I would like to get this property for the amount of taxes owed plus all the fees.

Is this possible?
I am seeking the advice from a lawyer tomorrow who can help me through this but if I am going to get stuck with the mortgage, it is not worth it.


It is your property? Your name is on the deed?

TX answer
You would need to get a homestead exemption but I believe it is to late in the year for that.
If it is your property and the taxes are fc on then you still get the mortgage.
If someone bought it at tax sale and then you redeemed it. You would get the mortgage back.

It is not my property.
I know the family that owned it.
The house was put in a trust and then the mother passed.
Back property taxes were never paid.
The company that bought the tax liens (heartwood 88) will sell them to me for face value plus fees and interest.

I want to live in the house.

Hope that cleared some of it up.


they answered the question for you…if you would like to get the property, just pay the current lien holders the face amount plus the fees they are seeking, and they can re-assign the lien to you.

If they do this, and there are any mortgages, then the lending institution still has the right to redeem the property if they pay you all the money you invested plus fees and the interest rate you have accumulated (depending on what the original certificate holder locked it in for)…

If the lending institution fails to redeem before the sale is final…then you will own the property free & clear of all mortgages (except in NM)…you should also check the state statutes to see what liens, if any, will survive the issuance of the tax deed…then check the title to see if any of these liens are on the title…if they are, get a title company to do a search for about $100…they can tell you if you need to prepare to pay for them if you get the deed.
Good Luck.