Tax Lien Fees Question - AZ

I’ve been doing alot of research on tax lien certificates in AZ counties but can’t find the answer I’m looking for on this question.

Obviously once your lien is redeemed you get your principal + interest but exactly what fees are NOT refunded once your tax lien certificate is redeemed? It seems as if there are approximately $25 in fees for a certificate. This is important as if affects my profit margin on smaller lien certificates.

I appreciate your replies!

I’m in AZ also. What I found was:

Tax Lien Guide - Redemption of Liens
If the owner and/or agent redeems the property, the investor receives a payment of what they paid for the lien, less the processing fee, plus the prorated monthly rate of interest that was awarded at the sale.

Seems that’s it but To get a difinitive answer, you just need to make a phone call to

Do you plan to bid at this years auction…Feb 1?

I won’t be bidding until next year myself. Just going to practice this year because I didn’t get my IRA LLC set up in time (where the funds are coming from)

What is the starting rate on your tax liens? Here in FL we start at 18% and bid down.

Just curious!


I believe it is 16% and is bid down from there.