Tax lien course

I just watched an infomercial on John Beck’s tax lien investing course. Is anyone familiar with it? Is it any good?

Dont know bout the course but dont make this mistake.

I have done tax lien investing for years. I met a guy who spent a fortune on courses. Did not even know that our state had abolished the old tax lien system of bidding for backtaxes a year earlier. I live in MI, check your state. Also, this is not get rich quick. It is primarily used as an investment vehicle for good interest returns. I have gotten property for backtaxes. You need lots of capital and lots of patience. I have seen many people go 5+ years dropping 50K each year buying liens and just get a good interest return -no cheapo property. Oh, I did watch an infomercial on a course years ago (dont recall who) everything they were saying was true, they did however leave out all the unpleasant realities. I never bought a course. Start slow, dial in w/ people who know.
hope this helps.