tax lien certificates

This is my first day on the boards and i’m sure this has come up before so forgive me. I have never invested in property but am extremely interested. However, in my state there is a 16% interest rate for these liens. so, if i had a certificate of $1,000 I would only be getting $13.00 added to my investment each month.(it is prorated monthly) I don’t see how you can make good money by doing this. My county treasurer tells me that 99% of the time the bank will foreclose before I will have a chance to at the 3 year mark. Can someone please inform me if this is correct. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about your state, but in Indiana the tax lien become the first place lien which takes place over all other liens, what usually happens is the mortgage holder will pay the tax to protect their investment.

My state is Arizona if that will help on some more information.