tax lien certificates

where would a person buy a tax lien certificates except Internet?
Thanks guys in advance! :slight_smile:

At the county courthouse in states that sell them.


I heard about tax certs. today for the first time. What exactly are they and how do they work? 8)

you can buy them because there are people who own taxes, then this person pays you back with interest or does not pay you back, and then you take his property.
Have anybody ever done it before? What problems could there be? What if a person has another liens against the property? They would they be wiped out, do I understand it correct?
Thank you :slight_smile:

That is something new that I wa not aware of . Thank you for the information

What state are you looking to purchase a Tax Lien in? For the Eastern stated is a great sight to go to. But you could call up the county courthouse and ask them for a list (hard copy or CD disc). Usually about 25-50 dollars, however some are more. Let me know if you have some other questions.


Joe, thanks a lot!
I am in Idaho and they don’t sell tax lien certificates…