tax foreclouser

In Washington state if you do not pay your or miss a tax payment 1 of 2 that you make a year

Can they or do they foreclouse on the property ? As well can a power company forclouse on a property for a not payed uitlty bill ?

Or can a water company of any kind for a back not paid bill?

You have to do some research on your local county assessor or recorder website and call your utility company.
Most utility companies cannot foreclose but most counties can definitely sell your unpaid tax to a tax lien investor. At the very least, it will cost you serious penalties to redeem the taxes and if you wait a couple of years, they can take the property. Not foreclose…just take it.

If you are behind or can’t pay these people, the worst thing to do is not call them. You should call them and explain your situation. They often have programs to help.