tax deed sales

I have a question…hopefully someone can point me in the right direction…I am trying to find information on Tax deed Sales in New Jersey…Is there a website or two that anyone can recommend that might worth looking at…??? 8)

I am sorry but according to my information New Jersey does not have any type of tax deed or certificate program. :frowning:

thanks dmanindy,

I thought so…I haven’t been able to find any other info.

thanks for your help… 8)

New Jersey has Tax Lien Sales. They are held by the local munincipal governments, there are about 512 +/- local towns, cities, boros, townships, etx here and each one will have it’s own sale. So start calling tax collectors, in every town of course!

We also have 530 +/- School districts, some towns even have school districts with no schools!

According to the “Quickstart Introduction to: Investing in Secured Tax Lien Certificates” written/copyrighted by Ted Thomas…date of sale is in Sept, and interest rate is 18% and you must contact each county for specific date(s). I believe the redemption time is 2 yrs for the tax liens. I also found info on google – under rogueInvestor (amongst others) - didn’t know if I could quote a site here… but I’m sure you can find it. NOTE that NJ is a tax LIEN state … not tax DEED state. (at least initially… not sure how they handle if they don’t sell the “liens”… some states seem to hold, and will sell later … but if you call the county you are interested in, they can tell you. Be sure that you check back each time as rules DO change. Good luck.


New Jersey’s Tax Lien Sales are held through each municpalities. NJ has over 512 Municipal Governments, you will need to contact each one for a list and each one for it’s “rules” of the sale. All sales are tax liean sales.

Hi Dan - thank you… I thought that was what I was saying. But thanks anyway. Linda