Tax deed sale

I’m currently in a bit of a quandry. I’m planning on purchasing ( or at least bidding) on a property at an upcoming tax deed sale in California. I have read in some posts about the redemption period, but I wanted to verify whether or not Clalifornia has a redemption period. From what I have been able to find the right of redemption ends the day before the sale.

I’m also wondering once I win the tax deed, am I in any way held liable to any outstandng mortgages on the property? I know that I’m not responsibile to pay the outstanding mortgage, but will it in anyway affect my re-sell of the property?

Any information or light that someone could shed on this topic would be greatly appreciate. Thanks for taking the time to view this post.

if there was a mortgage, the bank would have foreclosed rather than let it go to tax auction. so that’s probably not an issue.

can’t answer your redemption questions. sorry.

good luck, tho.

Regarding your question, The right of redemption gives the property owner some time to repay the debt before their rights of ownership are lost forever. Each state specifies to its counties haw long this period should last. Before the bidding date make sure to check with local tax office about procedures. Also, have a realtor do a market research so that you know what the particular property is worth. I can also suggest reading Making Money in Real Estate Tax Liens by Chantal Howell Carey and Bill Carey. I hope this helps a little. Good luck to you.

Redemption period for tax sale I believe is 1 year…dont quoete me though - it’s been a while