Tax Deed Info

Myself and two partners just purchased a couple of deeds at an upset sale in PA. Two of the properties are owner occupied. I am looking for any information about the process for removing those people and any other pertinent information related to tax deeds. Any info is greatly appreciated!

Howdy Pacoach22:

A tax deed gives you all the rights of ownership except the previous owners right to redeem the property by paying the sale amount plus interest allowed within the redemption period. In some states this period is up to two years.

You have the right to evict the previous owner by demanding possession and giving a 30 day notice to vacate. After the 30 days has passed you will have to file an eviction with the precinct where the property is located and possibly have a court hearing.

Another idea is to get them to sign a deed selling you their right to redeem and even paying them to vacate.

Thanks for the info. I believe in PA there is not redemption period. They may only pay it up to the day of the sale and that is it.

You should of gotten a copy of the rules and regulations for that state.