Tax deed attached property

I recently purchased a property at a tax deed auction. The property through history has always had a lot attached to it in escrow and mortgage documents(for at least the last 50 years). The former owners are deceased (6 years ago)and none of the property has gone through probate. The attached lot however is somehow current on all property taxes and there is no-one with access to the title to sell or transfer ownership. How can I go about acquiring this property? And what difficulties may I run into in the process?

Thank you for any advice int touch with tax title services, explain your problem and ask them for assistance.l

They will charge you at least $750.00 UPFRONT, they are WORTH EVERY CENT, and then an additional fee if they are successful.

Good Luck

Would anyone know why it is called ‘Local Property Tax’ and not just Property Tax?

Probably because it is local.

Tax rates vary within a tax district. Taxes are higher in commercial areas and lower in county areas.

The needs and services provided by the tax district determine millage rates for the various sectons/parts of the county.

For instance you live on a nice four lane paved street and I live on a gravel road…You will pay more than I will.