Tax assessors over estimated sqft

We recently had our condo reassessed and looking at the county tax records it shows that they assessed our condo at 2200 sqft when in reality it is a shade under 1800 sqft. Can i go to the assessors office and dispute the taxes and get it lowered?


I believe this differs from region to region. In Sacramento, California, during certain times of the year, you may appeal the property taxes, if you disagree with the assessed value of the property.

You can dispute, they will correct it

I had a friend who had 3 identical 4 unit apartment buildings. When he built a fourth he noticed that the taxes were 40% higher on the new one than the others, so he appealed. Instead of lowering the taxes on the 4th building, the taxing authority raised the taxes on the other 3 by 40%. :banghead


In my area, I’d just walk into the assessor’s office and tell them they had the wrong square footage. They’d send someone out to re-measure.

I imagine the first 3 he had hadn’t been assessed in awhile. But OUCH! :shocked

Thanks everyone I will post back and let you all know how it goes.

Is there a survey to compare to?

I was talking to few investors from Houston and they told me that Houston is assessors are off half the time… San Antonio is mostly right on…