Tax and LLC Advantages - MD versus VA

I am setting out to leave my job and invest in property full-time. I am beginning to setup my business foundation and have a fundamental question.

Is there an advantage to establishing an LLC in Virginia over Maryland (or vice versa).

Are there tax differences for an LLC?

Is there a difference in State level Real Estate Taxes?

Maryland is a very BLUE state – the real estate taxes, from what I saw while living there, were quite a little higher than Virginia’s as was their state income tax…



Anyone else want to weigh in? Please! :slight_smile:

Additionally, can I use mailboxes etc… as a registered place of business for the LLC? I will be selling my primary residence in the next few months.

Mailing address for correspondence, yes.

Physical address of registered agent, no.

That’s what I thought. Thanks. I guess I will have to establish LLC in MD, eventhough I prefer VA and will be moving there soon. I really don’t want to wait to get things setup.

In which state will you be investing?

I will be investing in MD, VA and DC.

Then form the LLC in the state where you will reside. Register the LLC as a foreign corporation in the states where you will invest but not reside.