Targeting Short Sale With Bandit Signs

Need to generate short sale leads using bandit signs,what would be the correct wording to use?

Good to meet you…

Mike, Thank you.

That is an eye catcher :shocked but I’m sure that it would attract short sale leads.
Could be trouble with giving the sellers any money…

As buyers we don’t give them moving money… SS guidelines allow the lender to pay the borrower to move upto 2k. Everything is on the HUD… Its not my rule but why not use it…

Nice… Do all lenders accept this or do you have any reference if they refute it?
Thanks for sharing, I’ll try using this incentive for slamdunk deals where the sellers are fence sitting…

I’M BLIND!!! :shocked However, as soon as I regain my sight, I will be calling that sign :biggrin

To the poster what has been your feedback on hte bandit sign?

Sorry for the blinding… BTW if you can buy them get the collors in reflective…

Happy hunting


I did order the bandit signs with the exact wording,the result was amazing, here is what i got from signs,

Was able to build buyers list

Picked a couple of short sale leads.

Thank you mike

AWESOME sign…to the point & nice and gaudy just like it should be…thanks Mike…I’m about to get back into bandit signs because of this. LOL.

Congrats Malawa! :beer

The signs are really good and will surely tell to my friends to have a review for this.