Targeting Out-Of-State Landowners?


I am trying to think of possible ways to:

  1. locate and identify out of state land owners
  2. market to them in any way possible, especially through some direct response methods.

If anyone can offer me help with either or both of these topics, I’d really appreciate it.



Are you talking about land owners who don’t live in town, or land owners who own/live out of town? I’m unclear as to your request? Depending on your answer, depends on the approach.

I’m talking about targeting people who own lands/properties in my farm neighborhood, but they themselves live elsewhere. Thanks, didnt realize the ambiguity there!

Not knowing where you’re located… But the Tax Accessor’s office for the County has every bit of information you need. If you’re lucky like me, they’re on-line and free, or you can at no charge search the tax rolls in person, or they’ll do it for a fee of course.

On other forums, they were talking about getting the information for a local title company, since they’ll want your business, they’ll bend over backwards to help you. If one of them won’t keep calling the next one, they’ve got the access, and the resources to help you.

I’m located in the metropolitan Boston area.

I contacted several title companies and got a couple to email me lists of all the out of state owners. They are very willing to do business with you if you just ask and will promise to continue if you do business with them. Some are more accomodating than others. The list I was sent had some 700+ names on an excel spreadsheet. Good luck.

I was just discussing this very same thing on another post, about contacting the title companies, who have access to all of this information, and are willing to help, because it helps them drum business from other people besides RE Agents.

Way 2 Go!

Good Luck!