Targeted Lists for Direct Mail

This was posted in another topic but haven’t received info I’m looking for.

Is there away to have these lists purchased from certain list companies and them have them emailed daily/weekly/monthly?

a. preforeclosures,
b. evictions,
c. pending divorces,
d. probate,
e. bankruptcy

I do have money for advertising so if I had to pay for the above lists then I would. I’ve used info usa but they to my knowledge don’t have the above lists. It would be very easy to have this info emailed monthly and not have to physically go to the court house. In fact I would pay monthly for a service like this. I’m a systems guy and would like to automate this part of my business ASAP.


I know only of the preforeclosures. The frequency depends on your state and when they publish them. Not sure about the rest.

I prospect to

Pre Foreclosures





Thanks for your responses… I want to target appropriately for my direct mail campaign so that I receive mostly motivated seller phone calls. I believe most of the information I’m looking for can be found at the courthouse. I’ve called for more info but when I ask for the records I’m told that they aren’t sure what I’m looking for — CONFUSING!!! What/who should I ask or ask for at the court house???

I really don’t want to pull from a list that is not targeted because of costs. and give you the ability to sort by age of mortgage and other pertinent info but not by their motivation. I’ve already sent postcards based on the above info and this was costly. Should it be?

Michael, you state that you prospect to farms. Do you mean that you send direct mail to certain blue collar zip codes with other paramaters that your looking for? If so are you hitting the 1% rule?

I don’t have a lot of time do to my full time job and thats the reason for advertising more than driving for dollars or other lead generating ideas. Money isn’t that big of a problem but I don’ t want to obiously throw my money away!

Thanks for all of your help!

I mail out to the areas I want to invest in… I like 2/3 of medium. i have also mailed around houses i have purchased and around houses I have sold… There is a historical stat that 2 people will decide to move when they see a for sale sign go up so I prospect to them.

As for rate of return… My other 4 groups get more urgent calls but my farms mail is embedding my name into their minds for a long term gain…

happy Hunting

Michael Quarles