Target Areas, MLS Questions, and Such

Wow, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted. I’m a a novice wholesaler residing in Lower Bucks County, Pa. I’m seeking investors who deal within my area of residence as well as Burlington and Mercer counties in Nj. I’ve found it quite difficult to get referrals to private money lenders and investor friendly title agencies in the above regions I’ve mentioned. Also, does anyone know of any REIA groups in the areas I’ve mentioned? I’ve been attending an investors’ meetup in Union County Nj since I work in that county.

I have an excellent RE agent who’s been sending me MLS property listings. I’ve seen what I believe to be some “genuine treasures” as I perused the listings. I have one home that I’m seriously thinking of submitting an offer on. The property is listed for 22K and has been on the market for 249 days; it’s a 4bed/1bath colonial, end unit, row property, and is tenant occupied. What could be preventing this property from being sold? What documents besides a contract would I need in order to submit an offer through my agent? I must have a lender’s pre-approval letter, right? How can I possibly determine the repair costs - should I take a contractor out to the property? I know I should estimate repairs prior to making a solid offer. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Oh, one more inquiry: I can perform title searches on properties myself by going to the courthouse and gathering information, right?

My apologies for the lengthy post. I’m an eager recipient of everyone’s brilliant knowledge. Thanks in advance.

Nicole M Armond

I really hope that at least one seasoned investor can help me out with my questions and concerns.

Go to craigslist and post an ad in the areas that you will be investing in. You will get calls and emails from these post. The key is to gather the information from the interested buyer. Call him back when you really have something to sell to him. :beer