Tapping into electricity, illegally

Have you guys ever seen anyone tap into electricity, illegally?

  • I know of one guy who had a rental house out in the country, and he actually spliced and tapped directly into a power line. This was a duct-tape quality job. He was in a very remote area, so he has not been caught even after 10+ years. Crazy, eh?
  • And a lady [I know her landlord] who had a commercial lease in Dallas got one of her friends to hookup her barber shop’s main power connection into a neighboring business’s A/C unit.

Don’t ask me how any of those fruitcakes/theives did that stuff without getting killed, but they did it. Crazy, eh?

The good news is that eventually these folks wind up on the Annual Darwin Awards list!



I have a friend that owns a $40million per year scrap metal business. He said that the crack heads will draw lots to see who disconnects the power lines in order to bring it in to get the cash.


One of the houses I recently bought had a broken meter base and conduit because the morons were trying to steal the copper wire. Too bad they didn’t electrocute themselves!!! I’d have bought a ticket to see that! I wonder if that funniest videos program will pay for a video of a cracker frying himself?


The scrap metal business…interesting. Now that’s a business that’s rarely talked about, yet highly, highly [and did I say] highly profitable. And it’s simple. Anyone want to go in on purchasing a dozen or so acres south of Dallas & some equipment to get into the scrap metal business? I’ll put up $50k for 1 of several shares. We can form an LLC, and I’ll have one of my lawyer buddies draw up a nice partnership agreement. LOL

Even better than tapping into electical lines is NATURAL GAS LINES!

I’m a firefighter, every year in winter we get a least one or two GENIUSES who decide they’ll steal some natural gas for their homes. They by-pass the meter or get it from a neighbors house. The BEST part is how they do it…GARDEN HOSES!!!

Eventually some dope puts something on top of the hoses that tears it, or the connection comes off, then the phone rings or the door bell… There’s your ignition source…BOOM!!!

If these people spent as much time WORKING as they do STEALING they might be able to live a normal life.

BUT…theres nothing quite like waking up naked in a tree 30 feet in the air after the house blows up. TRUE STORY.

What you didn’t think he was gonna die did you??? These people NEVER die, Oh they kill everyone in the house across the street, but they ALWAYS survive. I say we assemble a team of these folks and send them right over to Pakistan to look for Bin Laden. Osama’s guy’s can throw everything they got at them and will only end up killing THEIR own people!!!

And the great thing is that these idiots breed like rabbits and all of the PHD holders are too busy working to have kids.

This is the whole premise to “Idiocracy”. Not the best movie of all-time but I really enjoyed it for what it’s worth.

I’ve never heard of it, I’ll have to find it.