Talking with mortgage officers at banks

Dear All,
I am a new college graduate and also a new RE Investor. I have my business cards and a brochure that I made to hand out to mortgage officers. I would like to start approaching mortgage officers at banks for possible pre-foreclosure referrals but I don’t know how to go about it. I’m confused on how to approach big banks with hundreds of branches. For example bank of america, wellsfargo, and others. How do I find the guy which branch and who is in charge of mortgages?
Please, could you advise me on how to ensure that I get the right person to talk to esp with banks that have lots of branches in the same city. You opinion is so much appreciated.
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Congradulations on graduating and welcome to investing. A bank or Conventional lender is mandated by Federal and State Privacy Law. They can not release any information in regards to borrowers who have missed payments. Nationwide big banks do not handle anything to do with mortgages at the branch other than excepting the application and forwarding it to there mortgage department or division.

The way that investors find out about mortgage defaults is because the “Notice of Default” (NOD) is filed at the County Recorders office and is public record, foreclosure lists are available from some companies that compile public information and create a list.

But like I say banks are prohibited from giving any information about a borrower by privacy laws.

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Thank you for your response. I’m aware of that, but my strategy is for the mortgage officer to attach my business card and brochure with the notice of late payment even before the notice of default is posted or sent. That gives me credibility cos im being referred by their bank and I get a head start b4 their names make any list. There is no breach of privacy or is there?

i doubt that will work but hey in 1958 someone once told Paul McCartney to stay in college to have a degree to fall back on so what does the wiser know? :eyecrazy

You might want to try to go to your local title co’(s) and ask for a mailing list to mail to. Criteria should be prospects with 2-3 yr old mortgages, adjustable apr’s, 1st and 2nd’s, HELOC’s, and anything else that would make for someone who is likely to default on their mortgages, and most likely already behind. This way, you get to them before they get the NOD’s filed, hopefully. It is a bit more costly, as you have to get the list (maybe free from a title co.), u have to have post cards made, and buy stamps but your marketing will be much more effective and targeted. if u can’t get the lists from a title co, try First American Core Logic or SiteXData. You must pay for the list but it will get u what u need to mail to the right prospects.

and it beats putting an ad in the paper as the mailing is more targeted. issue with the bank attaching your card to the late payment coupon is that I don’t know what banks are not automated now. besides, i think the banks will not want to give you the chance of making a buck on their behalf, regardless if it may make sense to sell the house to you financially. hey at least you are thinking outside house. :biggrin

Thank you Tony! I will definitely try that. I will let you know how it goes.

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