talking to estate executors

What’s up folks? I have a series of leads that are in the probate arena. I was wondering how do I approach,or talk to these folks without sounding like a vulture/scumbag?

First off, you have to realize their mindset. Yes, they lost a loved one and are grieving. However, the executor has started the probate process which means that they want to do something with the property that was inherited. There is no timeline in starting probate. You can wait years or you can wait days, depends on what the family wants to do. So more than likely, they are wanting to sell.

Another thing that is probably going through their minds is, “Holy cow! I have to go through all of this stuff. Fix up this house. Then call up a realtor and list this property and hopefully sell it.”

This is where you come in and show them your service of taking the property in as is condition. All they have to do is get the stuff that they want out and that you will do the rest. You might seem as a scumbag to a very small few, and to most, you will seem like a pretty good deal. Of course, it all depends on their actual mindset and if they are wanting top dollar. So if that is the case, then you simply tell them your offer, and make sure they know that the offer stands and for them to give you a call if they change their mind. If they like the offer then it’s a win/win for everyone.

I very rarely get someone who is angry with me for sending them a letter. Most are very appreciative for the chance to get this process over as quickly as possible. So really the only difference between this and any other deal is you will get asked the questions, “How did you get my name and number?” And you simply respond with, “I got your information from the county courthouse in the public records, and I found out that this property might be for sale. Is it?” More than likely you will here “Yes.”

Hope this helps.

You hit the nail on the nail on the head. My main mentor told me that real estate is easy people are hard. Think back to when you lost a loved one. You were not going around morning day in day out you were generally going through your day handling your business. This is just one of those pieces of business they have to handle.