talking to a sub2 seller

When you are talking to a potential sub2 what are you telling them and the benefits
are you telling them.


I have a book titled “The ABCs of Subject to” that details everything you need to know about buying homes subject to. You can search for it on ebay.

You tell them that you have the least worst option for them and that you are going to save them from foreclosure. You also share with them what the consequences of the next 10 years of their life will be like after foreclosure. And, let them know that, in fact, as the buyer pays their mortgage every month their credit score will be improved.

If they are worried about the buyer defaulting, then what’s the worst that can happen …they call you and you get another buyer. There are so many people who have no chance of getting into their own home on a bank loan so buying "terms’ from the seller is the way to go.


Lisa’s 100% correct.

With subject to sellers, they are going through one of 2 possible scenarios.

  1. The house is empty and they have moved on. The seller doesn’t want or know how be a landlord so they have sat on their thumbs. This seller primarily wants debt relief as they no longer need the house as shelter and are making 2 payments. The benefit to them is that they no longer have to make a payment on a property they no longer need.

  2. The seller lives in the home but is most likely behind on payments. The benefit to them is that you can help get their payment schedule to the bank back in line and help improve their credit score.

The unasked question that most sellers have is, “how do I know that you’ll make the payment”.
If the seller is worried about you defaulting, design a brag book/credibility kit where you layout what your company’s mission statement and how it has helped people in the past along with some testimonials. I keep mine on my iPad(so it’s web based). When a seller calls the number on the bandit signs the pre-recorded script contains my web address that I encourage them to visit.

I hope this helps! :biggrin