Talking House Marketing System!

Folks…If you want to have an edge in your market I would highly recommend the Talking House Marketing System! It drives more traffic to your listings and helps you to get others!

It doesn’t seem to work here in Jersey for some reason.
Realtors here never use it.

Why do you think that is?

Have no clue. Personally i think, people can’t be bothered. I just know…no one here uses it.
I had seen once, one agent used it…and she took it down within a month.

I saw a sign for one of these “talking houses” and was blown away! I sat there in front of the house with pad and pencil smiling as I wrote down the information. Then I ran comps and saw it was a terrible deal with no potential for profit. My point? You can buy a commercial spot during the Super Bowl but if the deal isn’t there, it isn’t there.

OK. What are you people talking about? Talking house? HUH?

You drive down Elm St., you see a “home for sale sign”, then you take a left on Maple St and find the home. You pull up and see that there is a sign in the front yard that says, “Tune in your radio to 88.7 FM for information on this home”. You tune in to a recorded message that is approximately 3 minutes long that has info about the house. Pretty cool huh? 8)

There’s also SMART houses, byt calling a phone number and punching in a code number can listen to the details of the property, which is very similar, and you don’t need to leave the equipment at the property.

Good Luck!


Kirk the main reson this system works is beacuse of the directional signs that you leave out directing traffic to the property 24/7 :wink:

Depending on local zoning ordinances on signage, even real estate signage.

Allot of agents don’t like leaving their equipment on site, which can tend to be removed by competitors.

RE Agents (not all) are vultures, in some communities, they steal the for sale signs, so it looks like they’ve got the only house for sale on the block. Yes! It’s true, they were caught, and they’re garage was filled with a kinds of for sale signs!

Plus metal frames metal signage can become quite expensive, when replacing it on a regular basis.

I believe in the SMART phone number to be called for detailed information.

Good Luck!