Talk About Last Night's Club Meeting....

How about a separate forum for us to talk about the prior night’s club speaker? Since each club meets on a different day, it would be a place that board members would know to go to, the day after the meeting to banter about ideas that were discussed the night before, regardless of the club.

Why would we need a separate place for this? Why couldn’t discussions be held in the Resources forum? I guess I don’t understand the point. Thanks.

The Resources Forum?

To me, it just wouldn’t seem intuitive to go there to talk about that. I just wouldn’t think to look there.

But then again, I think you’d have a much more active discussion forum if you didn’t splinter things up-- in general. :banana

Let me add to that…

The biggest killer of internet discussion forums is that people visit the site and see no activity (or low activity). Or the impression of low activity.

Ten separate forums with one post a day in each gives that impression.

One forum with ten posts a day looks active, in contrast.

But if you’re going to have 10 separate forums, then make them really unique to the user’s experience. :brow

See, it’s hard for me to understand why someone would not think the Resources forum (Gurus, Seminars, etc.) would be an appropriate place for that discussion.

I do understand your comment about splintering forums and the appearance of little activity. As you know, I’ve been tinkering with that on and off for a while.

However, it does help search results (within the forums) some and if I were interested only in a certain type of transaction, I’d prefer the focus.

Nothing’s set in stone and I’m still testing as we go…

I don’t know…

It just occupies a different piece of real estate in my mind. :doh

Club meeting; Or last night’s club meeting… vs. guru’s and seminars.

Just wouldn’t think to look there.

But then again, I’m a little ss… ss… sss… sssllow. slow.

Too many places to look. You’re asking me to think too much, Chief.

This site isn’t large enough to warrant this many rooms. I would rather see one room with lots of activity.

Just my two cents.


AK and SK,
Your wish is my command… :eyes

Looks much cleaner and neater.

Awesome… much stronger. Central command.

I would think on the main forum…

Because… you are discussing what they said… certian techniques… etc…

Now, if it’s the pro’s and cons of certian gurus… courses… etc… then you other forum…

Byt the way… what did you want ot discuss… the rest of Texas would like to hear too…


Okay, I went with your suggestion for collapsing the forums. What I see is posting traffic has almost crawled to a stop. We’ve had almost no new posts since the change was made Saturday morning. During that same time period there have been over 1,500 visits to the site. Prior to the change new posts would average anywhere from 5 to 10 per day.

My inclination based on this information is to break out the forums again, but I’d like to hear your input, please. Thanks.

I don’t think there’s enough information to conclude the true cause of the slow down. How many external factors could have played a role in the slowdown? The fact that it was tax week might have something to do with it as well.

More data needed.


There’s validity to that comment in theory, but I spend enough time browsing other boards to know they haven’t slowed noticeably.

You still need to work your groove thang…

I’m with Stacy on this one. Your numbers are too small to show anything significant.

At this level of board activity, one or two threads that are started would mean the difference between zero and ten posts a day.

I’ll show you what I mean…

You guys may be right, I don’t know. What I’ve seen is REI boards that are successful with this format have more than one forum. We’ll just have to grow into it because it takes way too long to separate the posts out manually when the appropriate time comes.

I’m done for a while (I think). Of course, I adamantly retain the right to tinker with it at will. :biglaugh