Taking Title in a company name

Is there a way to take title in a company name if the lender prohibits it? My objective is to keep my name out of the chain of title and still use a conventional lender.

You can do almost anything after the close of the loan. The lender calls the shots and the title company has to follow their closing instructions which will include making sure the deed is recorded in your name.
I am faced with the same problem right now and may have to change lenders. Lender wants personal liability and do give that I need Chapter 13 court approval. Costs $250 to file motion anf I may not get it. I have another Ca hard money lender that will do the loan but they are slower and I do not know about the liability issue with that hard money lender. I just need to ask as if it is OK with them I can close a month earlier.

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You need to find a lender that will loan to the entity directly. If you buy in your own name, there is no way to hide it.